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Black River Historical Society / Moore House Museum Lorain

Culled from closets, attics and basements in 1981, the collections of the Black River Historical Society found a permanent home in 1994 at the Moore House, now a site on the National Register of Historic Places.

Built in 1906 for Lorian Mayor Lenord Moore and his family, the beautifully restored home now houses the society's collections. Displays feature the Lorain Lighthouse, the 1924 Lorain tornado, the city's, shipbuilding and steel-making industries, war memorabilia, period house wares, fashions, and toys. Our archives include books, newspapers articles, and over 15, 000 photographs.

The Museum's first floor has disabled access wilth video of the second floor. The research area involves climbing stairs.

The museum gift shop offer adn exclusive selection of items featuring the Lorain Lighthouse such as puzzles, ornaments, mugs, models, photographs and cut-outs. Our gift shop also has a variety of books, videos, and postcards.

Admission: $3.00 Adults $1.00 children.

Call for group tour information, and arragements.   


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Lorain Lighthouse Lorain

The symbol many people have come to identify with Lorain is the Lorain Lighthouse. Its image has been reproduced thousands of times in photographs, scale models, paintings, postcards, sweatshirts, logos, pins, needlework projects, posters, the covers of the Lorain County phone book, the 1990 state map of Ohio, etc. Standing at the north end of the West Harbor Breakwater in Lorain Harbor, its light is no longer lit, its fog horn no longer sounds, but it remains a silent reminder of Lorain's historic relationship with Lake Erie shipping.

For more information visit the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation Website.

Click here for Lorain Lighthouse Boat Tour Info.

Learn how to become a Friend of the Lighthouse.

All the above information is provided by the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation.

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